Best Ways to Spend the Holidays in San Diego With Paint

The pandemic may have given way to a new normal way of celebrating the holidays in San Diego, California, but it does not change the reason for the season. There are a lot more reasons to celebrate the holidays – share precious moments with family, celebrate life, and enjoy the company of family and friends once again. Painting is one such activity that you can enjoy with your family.

Drive-in cinemas made a come-back in San Diego, California, and the movies even include those that give off the holiday feels!

In San Diego, there are places to explore and sights and sounds to enjoy no matter the choices families make in terms of social distancing. There are visual delights that could light up the eyes of every child, and enliven the holiday celebration. And just like before, the yuletide season is best celebrated with a bountiful spread, and fortunately, these can all be delivered right at the customer’s doorstep in his San Diego home. 

Painting And Alcohol Movie Night

For families who want to stay safe and social distance, holiday driving in various San Diego neighborhoods could be a cheery option. Most homes have continued with the tradition of decorating their lawns and homes for the holidays, and some even made it look a tad bit happier since some choose to spend holidays just at home. driving through all these neighborhoods could be a delightful way to show the kids that everyone is still celebrating even though most are advised to shelter in. Showing that everyone is still upbeat about the holidays, gives off the positive energy, and San Diego neighborhoods are popular for that. 

There are plenty of offerings on groupon that allow you to join a midnight painting class. These painting classes can be done with the family or your with your significant other. painting together is a great way to increase your bond with each other. You need help on how to find a painter you can check out this resource here, you can also do a search online and find many listings that will show you whats available.

Drive-in Cinemas and drive-thru parks in San Diego

Drive-in cinemas made a come-back in San Diego, California, and the movies even include those that give off the holiday feels! So it is best to book those Nut Cracker tickets and let the tots have a good time. Drive-by parks and shows have also taken a new spin in San Diego County. For instance, holiday lights and sights tours are scheduled in various towns in San Diego to give everyone a feel of the holidays despite social distancing measures. 

And while some would opt for the lights and sights drive by in their area, it is also a good idea to schedule an evening for each of these areas so that families can tour around these areas during the holiday break. There are also reverse parades where the usual trucks and floats are parked in a set area, and the guests’ cars are driving by slowly or “parading” around the floats. 

Paint shows in San Diego

Lights and paints show are in for a happy modification to fit the health protocols of the new normal way of life. in San Diego, lights and paint shows are watched from the car, where vehicle owners are asked to tune in to a specific FM statio, and then turn off the headlights of their car. When the lights are out, the lights and sounds show will begin! You’ll be excited to see artists flinging paint across a canvas for your entertainment and sometimes at eachother! Happy painting!